Wednesday, April 30, 2008

de-versify chat

We have blogged in the past about The Books of the Bible (TBOTB), an edition of the TNIV which formats the text without verse numbers and arranges the text more in chronological order as well as closer to the order in the Hebrew Bible.

May 9 there will be on online chat by the Bible Design Group that has been designing TBOTB and promoting de-versifying. The chat will be on Facebook at this Internet address:

The chat will take place between 4-5 pm Mountain Time (6-7 Eastern).

If you are not a member of Facebook, it takes only two or three minutes to become one. You are invited to join the chat and ask questions of the Bible Design team, or give them other comments and ideas which can help promote de-versified Bibles for better Bible study.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bibles which say what they mean

David McKay blogs about Psalm 7:12, 13 where the TNIV translates more literally than the ESV:

Gontroppo's Blog: Bibles which say what they mean