Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Renaissance Fine Leather TNIV Reference Bible Giveaway

This November, Zondervan will release a new edition of the TNIV Reference Bible with a much higher grade of leather binding. I have a preview of this edition over at This Lamp.

Would you like to get a free copy? Zondervan is giving away ten copies of the Renaissance Fine Leather edition of the TNIV Reference Bible through This Lamp. For details and to see if you qualify, see my post.


Iyov said...

I notice that for at least a month, the "daily scripture" widget has been empty on this blog. It would be nice if someone maintained this blog.

R. Mansfield said...

It's not empty as I view it today, and it was displaying yesterday as well.

RevKev said...


I'm trying to enter your giveaway at This Lamp but it keeps telling me "Invalid User" when I go to post my comment. Can I enter here!?! If so, here's my entry:

I switched from NIV to TNIV right after the TNIV came out. Several of the translators were faculty at the seminary I graduated from and provided great explanations of the changes that had been made.

I am the lead pastor at our church and preach every Sunday using the TNIV. I'm currently using a re-bound TNIV-XL but find that the thin pages, red print, and general lay-out are not satisfactory for the way that I study and preach.

Many in my congregation comment on the subtle differences between their NIVs and what I'm reading on Sundays. I take the chance to explain the art of Bible translation each time and I always recommend they consider using a TNIV as I feel it's the best dynamic equivalent translation available.

I was excited to see the TNIVRB come out and love the formatting and thicker pages. However, I was very disappointed in the plastic-leather cover. This new cover looks amazing.

I'd love to be selected as one to receive a free copy if there are any remaining! I would use it every day to study and every week to preach and teach!

Kevin Womack

R. Mansfield said...

You're in.