Thursday, June 7, 2007

TNIV XL customer reviews

The customer reviews of the TNIV XL (larger print) edition from Zondervan are interesting. I found them helpful.


Jay Davis said...

I enjoy my TNIV XL from Zondervan. I had recover it and it is my main Bible. If the margins were a little wider it would be perfect for me. I use it for preaching and teaching. I also have ordered in the past the IBS TNIV Large Prints as a case for giving to new people. There are nice as well.

Wayne Leman said...

Jay, is the print size in your TNIV XL comfortable for your eyes? Have you used any other TNIV editions to compare it with, for print size?

Jay Davis said...

I cannot use the pocket TNIV. It is too small. The thinline size is good but not dark enough. The TNIV XL and the TNIV Large Print are very similar except the TNIV Large Print from IBS is a little thicker.
Plus the IBS Bible does not come in leather only hard and soft covers. The IBS now has the TNIV XL in two-tone which are okay but not soft leather but more like bonded leather.