Thursday, August 30, 2007

TNIV, James Dobson and the Church of the Nazarene

Dennis Bratcher has written an interesting article, from a Nazarene and Wesleyan perspective, reflecting on the controversy about TNIV and what lies behind it. The issue is clearly not quite as simple as that all Baptists and/or Calvinists are anti-TNIV, but the main opposition does seem to come from that direction.

To start with I was puzzled by the reference to
several high-profile members of the Church of the Nazarene ... openly and aggressively advocating ideas and theologies that are alien to the tradition of which they claim to be a part.
But I understood this when I discovered that (if Wikipedia is to be trusted here) James Dobson is a member of this church.

Hat tip: Henry Neufeld.


voxstefani said...

James Dobson does indeed belong to the Church of the Nazarene, a fact well known to anyone who is/has been a member of said church, or attended one of its colleges. :-)

I quite agree with Dennis Bratcher's protestations against FoF's objections to the TNIV, of course, but I note that along with many other Nazarene scholars, he astonishingly forgets that his denomination is not broadly Wesleyan, but particularly Wesleyan-Holiness. He and his peers must not forget that his own brand of Wesleyanism, to which he calls others with such urgency, was significantly leavened by Fundamentalism.

Jay Davis said...

I was a Nazarene pastor. I would think the TNIV would be embraced by denominations of the holiness/Wesleyan tradition.

Jerry said...

I am a Baptist pastor and stopped using the ESV in favor of the TNIV. I put it in the pews and buy it for the kids.

I did a Wednesday night study addressing which Bible version I use and why. Dobson and his comments came up which I expected. I simply said Dobson was wrong (not an unusual event) , I have my own opinion and gave them the reasons. There hasn't been a question or comment since. There has also been fewer people listening to FoF, which is always a good thing.

Jerry said...

Am I one of only one a few Calvinistic Baptists with strong New Covenant Theological leanings with a strong preference for the excellent TNIV translation? To my reformed bretheren remember this dictum.... ESV good; TNIV better.

jimdavis1000 said...

I'm done with James "Drive by Media" Dobson and his side kick Wayne Grudem. The complete and total distortion of the facts by these people is disgusting.

Steve Hakes said...

As a Nazarene, I repent the prefix [Church of]: we're a network, a fellowship, a denomination, have churches, but are not a Church. There is one holy apostolic and catholic church, of which we are a part.
Hadn't realised that James Dobson was a Nazarene, but don't blame Nazarenism. The TNIV was my workhouse, flogged by others to death. But lng live the NIV, which I grade 1st place, while the ESV gets 16th (65%) in my list of 31 runners.