Monday, August 6, 2007

Psalm 23: The Bible Experience

Zondervan has just emailed us with news of progress on the Old Testament of The Bible Experience, dramatized TNIV audio:
Hey guys! I’ve got some Old Testament tracks hot off the presses! You can use these on the various blogs etc. where you would like to. We actually got the first complete Bible TBE off of the boat last week, and it looks incredible to see it all done. In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s really done. And now the fun stuff begins: the promotions and introducing people to the world of the Bible in a fresh, new way!
Click here to listen to Psalm 23.

We've got some other OT TBE samples we can share, also, as time goes on.

Enjoy! And pass the word around that it will not be long (November 2007) before the entire Bible in TBE format will be available. It would make great Christmas or Hanukkah gifts -- hint, hint!


Jason said...

"...he leads me beside quiet waters...", although there seem to be a lot of noisy kids playing there too.

I really wanted to like "The Bible Experience", and even now I'd still like to see it do well. I just wish it would have been done well. Much of the background effects (dialog, environmental sounds, music, etc) added as part of the dramatization seem to have been handled with little consideration for what the Bible passages are actually saying. Certainly not a big deal, but too annoying for me ignore enough to spend my own money on the collection. Keep bringing us news about it though!

Wayne Leman said...

Jason, you make good points about the need for the background to match a Bible reading.

FWIW, the "quiet waters" of Psalm 23 are not about lack of sound, but about the calmness of the water. Sheep do not drink from water that is moving very much.

I suggest that a better translation in verse 2 might be "calm" or "still" rather than "quiet".

Jason said...

I almost didn't post my comment when I realized that the quiet waters likely meant calm or still. But I was too lazy to go dig up my other Bible Experience examples, so I went for it.

I just put a hold on the NT Bible Experience at my local library so I can get a chance to actually dig in to it for free. Like I said, I really do want to like it.

Wayne Leman said...

I almost didn't post my comment when I realized that the quiet waters likely meant calm or still.

Well, you're in good company, Jason. Many people would assume, I think, that "quiet" means 'lack of sound' in Psalm 23. But "quiet" is ambiguous between the meanings of 'lack of sound' and 'calm, still.' I think it is best to avoid using ambiguous words in translation when the original biblical text is not ambiguous. It is not here. The Hebrew literally means 'waters of rest.'