Thursday, January 3, 2008

TNIV revision suggestions submitted

Well, it was a lot of work but our TNIV revisions suggestions were submitted to the TNIV team on time, by the deadline of Dec. 31. This project was very successful. Several people submitted suggestions. Some submitted many. Often they were things in the translation which I had not noticed. Thank you very much to each person who submitted suggestions, especially those who worked many hours on this project.

All suggestions are posted now on the TNIV links website. Included there are suggestions submitted in previous years, as well as a file with suggestions made during this new year, 2008.

You are welcome to submit a revision suggestion whenever you find a wording in the TNIV which you believe can be improved.

A few days ago I received a box from IBS (International Bible Society), which holds the copyright to the NIV and TNIV. In it were several nice gifts: copies of TBOTB (The Books of the Bible) (the TNIV in a more chronological order than the traditional biblical order, and without verse and chapter numbers), teeshirts with the phrase DE-VERSIFY on them, and a copy of the book Beauty Behind the Mask (about the TBOTB). There was also a note from Glenn Paauw, one of the men on the TBOTB team at IBS. He thanked me for promoting the TBOTB on this blog. I intend to share the gifts in the box with those who submitted the most number of suggestions for revision of the TNIV during 2007.

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