Thursday, January 31, 2008

TNIV Added to Logos Base Packages

Logos has just upgraded all Logos users who have a base package with the NIV to get a free copy of the TNIV.

From Logos employee Phil Gons' blog:
Logos just released a new round of base packages labeled ND. No, that’s not an abbreviation for anything. They serve merely to distinguish the various versions of the base packages. The previous base packages were OC, the ones before that were QB, and the ones before that were RA. You can upgrade from your current OC package to the corresponding ND package for free (you pay only for the media and shipping). They’ve added the TNIV and NIrV to all of the base packages that include the NIV (i.e., all but Christian Home and Original Languages).

This is a fairly significant move since for the longest time, Logos actually kept a disclaimer on its TNIV add-on page as if it were a dangerous pack of cigarettes. Then in March of last year, Logos suddenly did the right thing and dropped the disclaimer

Who would have thought that less than a year later, the TNIV would be standard fare in many of the base packages! Logos, you've come a long way.

For more on the Logos upgrade that includes the TNIV, go to


mike said...

i just wish i hadn't already paid for it for Logos already...though I'm proud to have supported the TNIV by actually purchasing it too.

Joe Myzia said...

Ditto, Mike. I paid for it too as an add on.