Thursday, February 14, 2008

Karen Jobes paper

The Zondervan blog has a new post about a 2007 ETS paper written by Karen Jobes, a member of the TNIV translation team. The paper is titled "Bible Translation as Bilingual Quotation" and is available as a PDF download.

For a summary of the paper, read the Zondervan blog post and a followup post by John Hobbins.


tc said...

First up, let me go on record as saying that I have the utmost respect for Dr. Karen H. Jobes. She truly has risen above the male dominated scholarship while being true to her conservatism.

I was so please to learn that she was one of the translators of the TNIV.

Now to her article--I thoroughly enjoying this scholarly article. It reflects solid and scholarly research. Dr. Jobes has made her case and we're left only to accept her findings.

Her use of the LXX as used in the NT must not be overlooked by those who are interested in what makes for translation.

Those who are pro-ESV should really take note of this article. Isomorphic translations like that Aquila in the 2nd AD is not the way to go.

Besides, as Dr. Jobes has correctly demonstrated there's no such thing as a purely word-for-word translation. Such an animal would be virtually incurately while trying to be as literal as possible. Again, pro-ESV folks should take note.

BTW, the TNIV is a great improvement of the NIV.

tc said...

I'm sorry for some of the grammatical issues in my above post. I hope readers can overlook them. I'll attempt to be more careful next time.

Thank you,

R. Mansfield said...


As promoters of a translation that incorporates the "singular they," we are very forgiving of grammatical issues around here :-)

mike said...

hey, the singular "they" has been used for centuries! check the OED.

R. Mansfield said...

Hey, we know!