Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Bible Experience so far . . . Part 2

Check out Rick Mansfield's review of the historical books as he listens to The Bible Experience (TBE).

Rick's been listening to chunks at a time in his commute. I've been listening to TBE while I read through the Bible. Thus Rick has listened from Genesis through Esther. I've listened to:
  • Genesis - Exodus 32
  • Psalms 3-8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 21, 88
  • Luke
  • Acts 1-8
Rick and I have both enjoyed TBE. I enjoyed Rick's criticisms in his new post and I can sympathize with him. I also like how he puts the most positive spin on his criticisms that he could and I think he did a good job doing so.

As I've listened, I've found some words omitted and others added. Nothing that changes any meaning. But I'm kind of nit-picky. An example of something they often do is that if a person is speaking, and then mid-stream of their dialogue the TNIV records a phrase such as the LORD said and then continues on with what the LORD said, TBE will omit the phrase the LORD said and just allow the dialogue to continue. For the theatrical element I understand them eliminating the phrase, but I'd prefer if they left it in. However, if that's the worst thing they do, then I still must admit it's the best dramatized audio Bible I've heard to date.

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