Tuesday, October 2, 2007

new url for TNIV revisions suggestions

We've been getting some helpful suggestions for revising the TNIV. I will forward them to the CBT by the end of this year. But we could be getting many more suggestions. Whenever you are reading the TNIV, if you spot a wording which you think could be improved. please consider posting it to the list so it can be forwarded to the CBT.

You can click on the posting link in the margin of this blog, or if you prefer, you can use a new url which will redirect you to the revision suggestions form:
(UPDATE: If that url doesn't work for you, click here. Also see the TNIV revisions links in the margin of this blog.)

Please feel free to distribute this new url widely on your own Internet websites or blogs and in email messages to friends.

The form does not ask for your email address, so you will not be spammed by the Bravenet service which hosts the form.


Mary Ann said...

The link doesn't seem to be working? I am reading Colossians right now and noticed a phrase in 3:22 -- "to curry their favor". Who uses that phrase? I have never heard of it before. I can only understand what they mean (obtain?) by the context. This is without getting my Greek NT out to study the word... :)

Wayne Leman said...

Well, we do want you to be able to click on the link to be able to include your comments on Col. 3:22.

Try copying and pasting the url directly to your browser:


instead of clicking on the link.

If that url doesn't work, try this one:


FWIW, I could say that "I curried favor with him." But I'm not sure I could say that "I curried their favor." In either case, I don't think very many of today's GenX speakers would speak of "currying favor" with someone.

Let's not give up on this. I'd like to find a solution so those who want to submit suggestions for the TNIV can.

What Internet browser are you using?

Wayne Leman said...

I have just checked Safari running on my Windows-based computer and it views the re-direct url just fine:


Wayne Leman said...

The re-direct url also works for me using Opera, both v. 9.01 and 9.23.