Thursday, May 3, 2007

Logos Drops TNIV Disclaimer

In March, I reported on This Lamp about the disclaimer that Logos Bible Software placed on its TNIV module:

SPECIAL NOTE: We understand, as does the publisher, that the TNIV is a particularly controversial Bible translation. Logos Bible Software does not endorse the TNIV, or any particular modern translation. We believe, though, that it is important to offer this translation in Libronix DLS compatible form for both its critics and supporters, and we would encourage you to look at it, as you would at any translation from the original, with a critical eye. Compare it to other modern translations, and, as you are able, to the original text. You may also wish to visit these two sites for more information supporting and criticizing this translation: and

In my opinion such a disclaimer was a double-standard because there was no similar disclaimer for other translations. And other Bible software companies didn't post any kind of "warning" about the TNIV on their sites. Moreover, the disclaimer said the TNIV was particularly controversial, but never stated exactly what this supposed controversy was about. So I asked Logos at the time to remove the disclaimer. Bob Pritchett, president/CEO of Logos responded himself to my email, defending the disclaimer, but not offering any promise to remove it.

Today, a commenter on This Lamp brought it to my attention that the disclaimer on the Logos TNIV page has disappeared. I'd like to think that the attention brought to the issue on my other website had something to do with the removal of the disclaimer, but regardless, I'm glad it is gone because it was clearly unnecessary and unfair.

Cheers to Logos for doing the right thing and removing the TNIV disclaimer.

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