Saturday, April 21, 2007

bookstores selling TNIV

An increasing number of bookstores are selling the TNIV. Here are some that do:
Family Christian Stores

Christian Family Bookstores

Christian Supply



Koorong Books (Australia)

Word Bookstore (Australia)

Lighthouse Bookstore (Canada)

Mitchell Family Books (Canada)

Scott's Parable Christian Stores (Canada)

St. Andrews Bookshop (UK)

WesleyOwen (UK)

Fuller Seminary Bookstore


Northwestern Book Stores

The Open Door

The standard "secular" bookstores, such as, Barnes & Noble, etc. have been selling the TNIV for some time. I'll add more to this list as time goes on. I would appreciate your letting me know in Comments of other bookstores that sell the TNIV. I would especially like to know of local Christian bookstores and local branches of Christian bookstores chains that sell the TNIV.


Peter Kirk said...

Hodder Christian Books, formerly Hodder & Stoughton, is not a bookstore or chain but the publisher of the Anglicised edition of TNIV.

Wesley Owen, probably the UK's largest Christian bookshop chain, sells TNIV. So does St Andrew's Bookshop, another significant chain. Indeed I would be surprised if any mainstream Christian bookshops in the UK do not sell TNIV. It has been well promoted by Hodders and few know or care about the controversy about it mostly in the USA.

Mike said...

I thought you might be interested in this post, I wrote yesterday...

Apprentice2Jesus said...

In the Twin Cities, just about the ONLY Christian bookstore is Northwestern Books. They stock the TNIV.

Kevin said...

In Canada, the ones I know of are: Scott's Parables, Blessings Christian Marketplace, Christian Publications , Mitchell Family Books , and if you want to include the walk-in stores of the Canadian Bible Society . Your list could go forever when this is over.

David McKay said...

Hi Wayne.
In Australia, our largest store, Koorong Books has sold the TNIV sicne it was released, and my wife and I have replaced our 30 year old NIVs with the cheapest edition of the TNIV. My copy is already wearing out, but my wife's was only recently purchased. They are very cheap, though.

anonymous said...

Cokesbury does indeed sell the TNIV, but they do not list it as a Major Bible Translation.

Greg said...

My local Christian bookstore: The Open Door in Terre Haute, IN does indeed sell the TNIV. This is the largest bookstore in the area.