Monday, April 9, 2007

a Bible scholar is carrying the TNIV

Bible school teacher and blogger Henry Neufeld is now carrying the TNIV:
That means I take it to church, Sunday School, study groups, and I keep it at hand during my study time in the morning.

Since I study primarily from the texts in their original languages, that doesn’t mean that the TNIV has become my study Bible. But it does mean that I follow scripture readings in church with it, and that I will read from it as appropriate in various groups.
Click here to read more of Henry's positive comments about the TNIV. There are other Bible scholars, like Henry, who also like the TNIV and regularly use it. I wish that they got as much press as those who have criticized the TNIV.


opinion-minion said...

But Henry isn't a real scholar--he uses the TNIV!

Thus every scholar who doesn't think that the TNIV is fresh from the ovens of liberal feminism is ruled out. There's no way to get out of it. Credible scholar=no TNIV. TNIV=they can't be a good scholar.

You could go in circles forever.

Patrick George McCullough said...

Fuller Seminary prof David Scholer is another biblical scholar who is a fan. He uses the TNIV quite often, referencing it in his class lectures and recommending it to students.