Friday, April 20, 2007

poll re-done

I left out too many Bible versions which should have been in the most recent poll on this blog. So I am re-doing the poll. Here are the results so far:
Which is the pew or pulpit Bible at your place of worship?

NIV 29% 5

TNIV 18% 3

NRSV 12% 2

ESV 6% 1

NASB 6% 1

HCSB (Holman) 0% 0

KJV 0% 0

NLT (New Living Translation) 6% 1

GW (God's Word translation) 0% 0

other 24% 4

17 votes total

Unfortunately, I cannot save these results to put them into the results for the new poll. So, if you read this and are willing, please vote again. Thanks.

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