Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Preview

One of the things I bemoaned a few weeks ago in my open letter to Zondervan about the TNIV was the inattention given to over the past few months.* Last week, I was given a fairly thorough preview of the changes coming in a wholly revamped TNIV website. Melinda, a Bible marketing manager at Zondervan, has given me permission to post these screenshot of the upcoming site.

Besides looking a whole lot nicer, in my opinion, the new site is much more focused in its content, and it's easier to find information that you might be looking for.

First, here is a tentative screenshot of the home page (click on images to enlarge):

And here is the main product details page. Notice the menu system on the left that breaks down TNIV offerings into various categories.

Keep in mind that these are just screenshots, so the actual links do not work. Also this is not a finished project. Certain content or information may change by the time the new site is launched.

And when will that be? When will the new site be launched. The only official word right now from Zondervan is COMING SOON!

*Note: I don't want to take credit as being an impetus for change with the website. By the time I wrote my open letter, the project was already well underway.


Jason said...

Looks promising. Thanks, Rick!

Kevin said...

Just from looking at the preview clips, it does look better than the current site.