Friday, May 4, 2007

Rick Warren and the TNIV

Last year, Rick Warren re-released his Bible Study Methods: Twelve Ways You Can Unlock Gods Word, a book he had first written long before the success of Purpose-Driven Life.

Take a look at his updated advice for choosing a Bible translation:

I won't go so far as to call this a formal endorsement, but worth noting anyway.

(And yes, I did notice the generic "he" on page 23...)


Peter Kirk said...

Thanks. I wish he would remove the endorsement for the Amplified Bible. It may be rather ambiguous, but just having it listed implies more of an endorsement than I am happy with.

R. Mansfield said...

The Amplified has seen a bit of a resurgence, evidently. I've even seen it in a new edition from Joyce Meyer (sp?). Evidently, it's still popular in charismatic/pentecostal circles.

As for Rick Warren and the TNIV, I did a search and found references to an endorsement he gave for the Bible Experience. However, all I saw was a snippit. The full text is from one of his "Ministry Toolbox" posts, but it didn't say which one. They're all available online though if anyone wanted to go hunting for the reference. Obviously, it would be from the last six months.

ElShaddai Edwards said...

My dad still uses an Amplified as his main bible. He likes how the different phrases can suggest more meaning behind the Greek verbs, especially those with a time element. I tried it, but eventually moved on. I was shocked to see the new version out on the shelf and wonder if those who buy it know what they're getting... it's based on the ASV text, right?

R. Mansfield said...

ASV extremely modified.

The Amp Bible probably has a place for a person without biblical languages as long as it's understood that the bracketed translational expansions aren't options for molding meaning the way the reader would like to see it understood.

With one exception, everyone I've personally know who has used the AMP has been female. I don't know what to make of that.

But don't ever call on someone with the AMP to read their Bible in public.

Gary Zimmerli said...

Many of us don't care for Rick Warren's theology or methods, but he is a big name in evangelicalism today. As far as that goes, and endorsement is an endorsement.

Peter Kirk said...

Rick, I know what you mean about Amplified and women. A woman leader in my church, influenced by Joyce Meyer etc, often speaks from it and reads out passages from it. I squirm in the background, although most of what she says is great. The best reason I have ever heard against women preachers! ;-)