Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ignoratio Elenchi and the TNIV

Joe Myzia has just posted another thoughtful, truthful, incisive piece about one of the arguments used in debates about the TNIV. It is well worth reading.


mattyc said...

Hey Wayne,
Just thought I'd let you know that TNIV is misspelled in the title of your post, unless you meant to put TNV.

mattyc said...

And I meant to say "Blessings." :)

Wayne Leman said...

Thanks for catching my typo, Matt. I will correct it. And thank you for correcting your own typo. I do like a blessing, but more than one is even better!

And blessings to you and your lovely little family,

Joe Myzia said...

Hey Wayne,
One commentator pointed out a spelling error in my blog that carried over into yours:
It should read IgnoraTio. I put C instead of T.
Thanks again,