Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is the TNIV Good News?

Be sure to read the 3 post series by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Is the TNIV Good News? This is a fair, balanced, and informative review of the TNIV.


Peter Kirk said...

Great blog. But the link to the Mark Roberts series is broken, it should be this.

But who are you, the mystery blogger? In case anyone else is thinking this, it is not me, Peter Kirk, although I agree that TNIV is a very good Bible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Peter. We have repaired that broken link.

Who am I? Who are we? Well, let's just say that we are the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Crying because so many wrong things have been said about the TNIV. And we want the truth to be told about this good translation.

Peter Kirk said...

Well, Mr/Ms Translation, you are not crying alone in the wilderness, I cry with you in both senses of the word.

Perhaps you should quote from your own favourite Bible version with "calling in the wilderness" rather than "crying in the wilderness". But then I guess that TNIV avoided the more traditional wording there to avoid a possible misunderstanding, that this refers to weeping. But you seem to be deliberately playing on that misunderstanding.

David McKay said...

As a user of the TNIV who has read it through completely [all 929 chapters of the Old Testament and all 260 chapters of the New Testament] I feel I have a better knowledge of it than many of its critics.

I am disturbed by the successful mud-slinging campaign against it, not only because it is largely untrue, but also because it has been done by our brothers and sisters in Christ. [Mainly brothers I suspect.]

Mr TNIV Truth, you really should sign your name. It looks suspicious when you hide behind anonymity.

Kevin said...

This is interesting. You have created a blog purely dedicated to supporting the TNIV.
True, the TNIV does have truth and lots of truth too. I would say that in many places, it has been improved over the NIV. The scholarship of the TNIV is very good. It does not deserve the criticism it has received from our other "brothers and sisters".

Wayne Leman said...

David ended:

Mr TNIV Truth, you really should sign your name. It looks suspicious when you hide behind anonymity.

OK, David. I have been wrestling with that. My motivation was not to hide behind anonymity. There were some other issues that called for anonymity in this case. But I think that that motivation is less important than what you have pointed out. I'm Wayne Leman of Better Bibles Blog. I'll now go change the my profile so that my name shows up there and on each of the blog posts.

Wayne Leman said...

OK, David, it was a little complicated, but I have added my real name to the contributors to this blog. I tried to change the name associated with the email address that established this blog to my name, but that resulted in two blog contributors listed both of which had my name and that looked odd. I am limited by the Blogger software by what kinds of changes I can make. I was able to put my real name in the Blogger Profile for Eddie Tor (I hope you like that play on words), so anyone can see my real name by clicking on the "name" of each blogger for this blog.