Friday, March 23, 2007

new CBT chairman

The CBT (Committee on Bible Translation) that oversees translation and revision of the NIV and TNIV has a new chairman. He is Doug Moo, who has been a member of the CBT since 1997. Doug is the Blanchard Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

Mark Strauss became a member of the CBT a few months ago. I do not know if John Stek remains a member or not.

I have notified IBS that a couple of their webpages need to be updated to reflect recent changes in the CBT.


Peter Kirk said...

Wayne, where did you get this information from? Obviously not from the link you gave. And I can't find any mention on the Internet. Has this been announced publicly, except by you? Or is it something you have been told privately?

Wayne Leman said...

Peter, I got notified by private email by members of the CBT. I was not asked to keep the information private. I think that it just takes time for info like this to become public.

Anonymous said...

Doug Moo became chairman of the CBT last year. A handful of new members joined the committee at the same time, one of whom was Mark Strauss.

While there wasn't a formal announcement per se, CBT membership was never intended to be treated as private information, so far as I know.

Doug Moo is an excellent scholar. I was thrilled the committee chose him to replace John Stek, the outgoing chairman, who served the committee faithfullly for decades.

Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that Douglas Moo is an excellent choice.

I just find it amazing that several months on this information has still not been posted to any of the websites, and it is left to Wayne to make apparently the first public announcement. This information would certainly have been worth a press release as well as a website update. Someone needs to get their act together.

David McKay said...

When people bad-mouth the NIV and TNIV, I wonder if they stop to consider they are rubbishing some of the most well-regarded evangelical biblical scholars?

Moo is a case in point.